Millie was rescued from ACS.

Hi, it’s Millie! I am a 5-year-old, 60 pound, medium-energy gal with an infectious zest for life! If you’ve been following my saga, you know I’m teaching my cat-loving foster folks and their felines all about me, my needs and my personality. I am an excellent educator! Follow me as I continue to share our pawesome stories! Here are a few NEW things you might like to know about me.

I know my NAME and I respond to it. “Millie” has English and German origins and means “gentle strength” and “strong in work”. It suits me perfectly.

I enjoy a regular ROUTINE, and because it’s scorching hot summertime, I get most of my exercise and outside time in the early mornings.  Watch my “Morning with Millie” video for a sampling.  I am less active at midday, but I do like to sneak in a few minutes of sunbathing when I’m let out to relieve myself.  In the evenings I will sit outside under a water mister for some relaxation or training. Some other time I will tell you about my bedtime routine, because I love the spa-like treatment!

One quirk! I prefer my DRINKING WATER cold and fresh. Right out of the refrigerator is perfect, but a couple of ice cubes work, too. 

Listen! I use many different VOCALIZATIONS. Like all dogs, I have umpteen different barks, one for every occasion.  The foster folks say the most fascinating one is when I seemingly warn the entire neighborhood that I am looking for a place to poop!

I like activities that exercise MY MIND AND MY BODY together.  A game of fetch with multiple balls or a little “hide and seek” twist? Yes, please. A long walk with frequent sniff breaks? The best!

I still love ALL PEOPLE, ALL AGES! That said, I am strong and fast and sometimes impulsive, and I might have too much gusto for some people to manage. Based on what I’ve made known so far and my current training status, my ideal permanent home would be relatively quiet with a backyard large enough for me to get up to speed when I run my circle zoomies and play. My ideal humans would be active, adventurous, and affectionate people who also love to chill at home!  Let’s meet soon and confirm that we are made for each other!