Millie was rescued from ACS.

I’m Millie, a five-year-old, roughly 60-pound, mid-lifer! I am in the prime period of my life, with some experiences under my harness. I am not a puppy, nor a senior dog, but at any given time I can behave like either. I play hard when I’m good and ready, and I sleep when I need to! I am house-trained, crate-trained, accident-free, and non-destructive. I have learned many things, respond to both verbal cues and hand gestures, and have a lot of good, quality life ahead of me. 

Kindly allow me to share a few other things about me:

  • Physical contact? Yes to snuggling, belly rubs, massage, brushing, and coat-wiping; I can take or leave tooth-brushing and paw-cleaning.
  • People? Eager to meet and friendly with all!
  • Car rides? Yes to riding in a car crate, no to a seatbelt tether. 
  • Water? Yes to warm showers, no to outdoor sprinklers or running water.
  • Dogs? I may very well co-exist with other dogs, but I don’t have that experience currently. 
  • Cats? I have an agreement with the foster felines: They don’t belt around the house, and I don’t chase them.
  • Medical needs? Skin allergy symptoms, managed with medication, diet, and TLC.
  • Activity level? I am accustomed to regular exercise for both my body and my mind. I am at my best when I get both daily, and I love the great outdoors!

To sum all that up, when I’m not out on a sniffari, fetching balls, or running epic zoomies, I lounge-around a great deal, and I am all about spa-like relaxation. I am seeking a forever family that will allow me to teach them more things about me, meet my physical and medical needs, and love me as I am. My ideal humans would be patient and calm, but fun and adventurous. In return, I promise my unconditional love and devotion with hearty doses of laughter and joy. Let’s meet soon and confirm that we are made for each other!