Millie was rescued from ACS.

Hi, I’m Millie! I am a 5 year-old, 65 pound, medium-energy gal with an infectious zest for life! My foster parents are more concerned with my future than with my past. Speaking of my foster folks… who knew cat people could be so nice? There, I said it. I am currently living in a household of cat-lovers with their 2 felines. (Gasp!) They think that they are teaching me things that will help me find a perfect forever home, but we are really learning from each other. I’m doing a good job of training them to read and understand me. Follow me, and I will share with you all the things I reveal to them, everything they learn the hard way, and some pawesome stories. While you wait, here are a few things I’ve already made known:

I LOVE a good walk! I am most happy sniffing around at first, and I have discovered that walking easy on a loose leash makes for a much better experience than pulling. I do great when practicing in a big, fenced yard with no distractions, but I do still pull sometimes out on the street when I see another person, especially one with a dog. And I bark so they see me and know I want to play. Foster mom says there are nicer ways to make friends, so we are working on it. So far, I have been able to get close to a few other leashed dogs on neutral ground. I liked them, and they liked me. I LOVE backyard time. I fetch a ball or a stick when I feel like it, and I usually alternate between seeking attention from people and having free time to explore or bat around a toy on my own. I am athletic when I decide to be and enjoy catching a bounced ball on the run, in the air. Sometimes I just lay down with my ball in the shade and relax. Sometimes I get rid of excess energy by running zoomies. Regardless of what I’m doing, I like to know somebody is outside with me.

I LOVE a little indoor, semi-private space of my own. I go into my crate easily, though I do expect two tiny treats for the good behavior. I sleep in my crate overnight and any time grownups must be away. I take
an afternoon nap and I will spontaneously curl up on any rectangular shaped mat or rug I come across. About those felines? I rarely see them, but when I do, sometimes they startle me. At first I barked at and chased them, but now I mostly ignore them and stay very still when they sneak around. I suppose that you might describe me as cat-tolerant now.

I LOVE the attention that comes with obedience training. The foster folks say I’m either an exceptionally fast learner or I’ve had some obedience training at some point. I easily respond to my name and to verbal commands or gestures for “sit” and “let’s go”! I am responding inconsistently to “look at me”, “come”, “wait”, “quiet”, “crate”, “down” and “leave it”. I am getting better and better at keeping all four paws on the ground, though I still get over-excited and jump around more when I meet new people. Ah, PEOPLE! Most importantly, I LOVE people, and I’ve been great with all ages. So here I am, waiting patiently for the perfect new owner or family to adopt me. I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s plan a playdate today!