Mocha was found as a stray by a good Samaritan.

Hi, my name is Mocha and I just had my 1st birthday! I am a medium size gal that weighs about 46 pounds. I enjoy my alone time from both my 70 and 11 lb. four-legged brothers and go willingly into my crate. I enjoy watching them run around while I choose to stay calm by my foster moms side. I LOVE getting pets. I will even sneak onto her lap. My foster sister cat isn’t the nicest so I ignore her and give her space. My foster mom was so happy to see that I have great manners. She wasn’t sure how I would be since it took a couple of months living on the streets before a nice lady and man brought me and my brother into their home to see if I was lost. After they didn’t find a microchip they reached out to many rescues and that is how we ended up in foster care. I surprised my foster mom that I went potty outside. I don’t think it is a big deal, because I am a refined lady. I don’t jump on new friends and when I go on walks and don’t mind seeing other dogs. I enjoy sniffing everything so I don’t pull on my leash when out for a walk. My foster mom says I am such a sweet gentle girl.  I am learning new words like sit and stay. I am not sure what my mom wants yet, but I sure love the treats when we play that sit and stay game. I haven’t been around children yet so I am not sure what they are.