Natalia was rescued from ACS.

Hey I’m Natalia! I am a sweet, easy going petite girl. My favorite thing in the world is being by my humans side. There are only two places I won’t follow you to… the bathtub and cars. I love begging for attention and being the center of your world. That’s my only requirement in return for my unconditional love. I quickly learned to sit, shake and lay down. I am not really a barker, I communicate using my big eyes and my tippy taps with my paws. I used to be terrified of kennels, but guess what? I love my kennel now, I like eating, napping, playing with my toys there and sleeping sometimes too, unless you want make space for me next to you on the bed. I love dogs big and small, and enjoy my occasional zoomies. I am working on my leash manners so my forever family can take to lots of places. I am around 3 years old and 40ish lbs. if you are interested in adopting me, please apply!