Nova was surrendered by her former owner.

Are you looking for a soft cuddly ball of fur that wants nothing more than to snuggle in your lap and give you kisses??? Then look no further; Nova is your girl! She is the sweetest doggo you could ever ask for. Nova loves playing with her toys and other dogs. She has lots of energy but will give it all up to snuggle in your lap.

Nova is a very hungry girl and loves her food and does not like to share which is completely understandable, she will just need to eat by herself, and she is content with that. She also does not like to share her toys with other doggos so having her own would be best.

Nova is kennel trained, knows how to sit and is learning other commands. If you are looking for a pup to be your one and only or to add as another fur baby she will be happy either way. Give her a shot and let her be your new best friend!