Odie was found as a stray by a good Samaritan.

Spizzarinktums! A fun word to say and a fun thing for a dog to do! I’m Odie. I love when I get a case of the spizzarinktums (or zoomies, as some people call them.) I can run all the way down the front deck, through the covered porch, down the walkway onto the back deck, out into the yard then turn around and back over and over and finally leap onto my private sun deck (also called picnic table) where I watch for new friends approaching the house! There are passersby nearly every day; the lady calls them postman and UPS. I’m potty trained and know how to sit and shake and stay. I love tennis balls! And treats! Biscuits! And people! And chew toys — lots of chew toys! I get along great with kids age seven and up, but I might be too much for the littles — people and dogs. The little, grumpy old lady dog I live with turns her back and calls me Tigger when I try to play. Even though I’m often full of energy, I settle down nicely in my crate. There’s a spot on my neck shaped like a W that the lady says stands for WonderDog. Oops, gotta fly — this is Odie the WonderDog!

—to infinity and beyo n d …
Odie is a young dog, not yet two and weighs about 60lbs. He likes running, playing ball and napping.