Odin was rescued from ACS. He was picked up after being severely abused by his former owners and likely attacked by other dogs.

Odin’s dating… oops! adoptive profile:
I like taking leisurely strolls, long naps surrounded by my toys, and playing fetch with a tennis ball.
Here is a little bit about me:
When I got to my foster parents’ house, I had awful wounds over the majority of my body; the worst being on my neck and back. With the help of ACPBR, vet staff, and my foster parents, I am starting to heal up pretty well. My wounds have closed and my hair is starting to grow back. From day one, I have been very lovey- wanting lots of attention and giving kisses. I am told that’s pretty remarkable considering what I’ve been through! I have lots of toys to chew on and play with, have learned that I get regular meals and a safe place to sleep (where I even put myself down for a nap), and am able to give and receive love and affection. I get comfort from being close to my people by cuddling and following them from room to room. I learned to sit, sit up, close drawers, and that cheese is a great motivator! When foster mom gets medicine out, I know it’s time for cheese or ham so I squeeze in between her and the counter real tight so that I don’t miss anything that might fall on the floor.