Oliver was found as a stray by a good Samaritan and is currently seeking a more suitable furever home.

Oliver would like some more, please – more snuggles, more zoomies, more treats, and more playtime! He loves to play outside and chase grasshoppers and lizards. The only things he is afraid of are the dark, and getting wet (rain or baths, both are very terrible). He is a big strong boy but has soft skin and is usually scratched up from blasting through the bushes in the backyard. He is very fast. His favorite way to relax is by shredding cardboard boxes – he’ll greet every new Amazon package by sitting politely and asking if this one could be for him. He loves stuffed animals. He will treasure them and snuggle them until it is suddenly time to rip them to pieces.

Oliver loves kids – he knows the sound of the bus and will wait excitedly by the door, full body wagging. The couch is his favorite place to lounge, and he will squeeze in next to, between, or even on top of his people if that’s the way to claim his spot. He will gently take your hand in his mouth and guide you to the couch when he’s in the mood for some snuggles. Oliver gets along well with his senior dog roommate, but he doesn’t particularly like to share toys or treats. He needs a home with no cats (or other small furry critters), where he can relax and enjoy the company of his people.