Opal was surrendered by her former owners.

Meet Opal, a gentle and sweet-natured dog with a heart as big as her ears. Opal’s a bit shy at first, but once you earn her trust, you’ll discover a loyal companion who loves cuddles and quiet moments. Her affectionate nature shines brightest around little dogs, making her the perfect playmate for your furry family members. Though car rides may not be her favorite, Opal’s charm and endearing personality make her a wonderful addition to a patient and loving home.

Opal’s playful spirit comes alive when she’s given a chew toy, her absolute favorite pastime. Delight in her joy as she nibbles on crunchy carrots and indulges in the satisfying task of shredding cabbage. This sweet pup brings a touch of whimsy to her daily routine, turning playtime into a delightful experience. Embrace Opal’s love for tasty treats and playful antics, and you’ll discover a furry friend who adds a dash of fun to every moment. Prepare for some lively moments as Opal joyfully darts around, expressing her exuberance. Whether it’s playtime in the backyard or a spontaneous burst of excitement indoors, Opal’s zest for life is sure to bring smiles and laughter to your home.

Give Opal the chance to bloom in a caring environment, and you’ll find a friend for life.