Pearl was rescued from ACS.

I can wear those fancy “PEARL”s, yet I still possess that laid back, easy going, flower girl, hippie vibe. Remember the sitcom “Golden Girls”? My best friend would be Blanche. We are both social, adventurous, fun loving and full of love and life. Nothing holds us back or gets us down. It’s true, I’m a medical foster. I had some surgeries, an eye removal and heartworm treatment but that’s all behind me now. If you watched me play with my 3 year old foster brother and sister you would never guess that I am a Golden girl (9 year old). Our favorite pastimes are Toy Tag and Tennis Ball Hunt. I usually find the tennis ball first because I’m wiser… age does have its benefits!
More advantages of being a Golden gal are good table manners, being crate trained & potty trained. I know a lot of commands too like: come, sit, stay, heel, fetch, drop it and more. I love all kinds of treatos but am mostly affection motivated. Don’t let my age fool you, I am willing and able to learn anything you want to teach me! My foster mom says I’m really smart and that I bring a whole new meaning to teaching an old dog new tricks!! When on walks I will I will sit while you put on and take off my harness. I love every person and doggo we meet. Isn’t it exciting to meet new people and visit old friends?!
I have another foster sister who, like me, is in her golden years.  We have a saying, “Early to bed, stay in bed quietly until our people are up and moving around… bet you didn’t expect that last part! I get along well with big and small adult doggos but puppies are definitely not my jam. If you adopt me you will be my person! When we are at home together I love to be in the same room as you quietly playing with my toys or catching a “cat” nap. I will follow you around the house wherever you go in case you need my help or just simply love my company as much as I love yours. I don’t jump on furniture but will climb up to cuddle if invited. While I am willing to take turns with siblings, I prefer being your one and only when we have OUR snuggle time. If I sound like the golden girl you’ve been looking for, fill out an application!