Pearl was rescued from ACS.

Pearl is a 9-year-old happy, loving, older gal with a permanent wink. She is with a medical foster and can’t run around right now but is healing quickly. Since she can’t go for walks yet because of her injured leg, she goes on stroller and car rides; they are the highlight of her day! She loves everyone she meets although she hasn’t met any very young children yet. At home she loves to be in the same room as you, laying on her bed and playing with her Kong wubba hippo, tennis balls and buffalo horns. She loves to play with her doggo foster brother, Link, a fellow pittie. She also shares a home with a 115 lb. Rottweiler and 12 lb. chihuahua. She is the smartest dog her foster mom has ever seen! She will show you how she can open doors and gate latches, but she doesn’t try to run off. If she gets bored and wants your attention, she will softly bump you with her snout to say, “come play with me.” Her favorite treato is freeze dried chicken. The next steps in Pearl’s medical journey are heart worm treatment and spay surgery. Stay tuned for pupdates!