Percy was rescued from Kerrville ACS.
Meet Percy, Pitbull Puppy Extraordinaire! Percy was named after the great R&B and Soul singer, Percy Sledge. You see, he was pretty anxious on his initial freedom ride to his ACPBR foster home. It was the crooning of Percy Sledge that calmed him almost immediately! How can you not be calm and relaxed when listening to some Percy Sledge?
Percy is approximately 5 months old and full of that good puppy love. He has a lot of energy and is super affectionate, goofy, and clumsy. He gets along great with his Pitbull/boxer roomie. He is a bit much for his older grumpy Brussels Griffon roomie, but Percy listens well when reminded that not everyone likes to romp.
Percy just wants to play, play, and oh did I mention, play? He enjoys all things squeaky and chewy. He is also a love muffin that loves to cuddle and get pets. In good puppy fun, he does occasionally steal a shoe or random sock. He can be a little nervous about new things, but gentle encouragement goes a long way with this little one.
He is currently working on his leash manners and is picking up his potty training quickly. He has already mastered the doggie door like a champ! He does well in his crate where he spends time when his family is away, meal time, or when it’s sleepy time. He whines a little in his crate initially but settles down quickly and loves a good chew toy to occupy his time. He has the prettiest eyes that will make any heart melt at first glance and would be a great addition to any family.