Poppy was rescued from ACS.

Well Hello There! Is it me you’re looking for? I’m Poppy and I’m ready to be your new BFF, especially if you have the snacks!
I’m approximately 6 years young and enjoying every minute. I was rescued from ACS where I was a skinny little thing needing to pack on some pounds! After I got into foster, we found out I am a diabetic. Don’t worry, this doesn’t stop me just a small quick shot in the morning and evening and I’m ready to go!  I’ll even give you kisses after.
I love all the doggos – I’m currently shacking up with two 3 year old foster brothers that are bigger then me, and a lil’ pip squeak puppy too and we all get along great! I’m even good with human kiddos too.  I’m always smiling, have super cute ears which foster mom says remind her of a certain house elf. I can usually can be found with my belly up waiting for tummy rubs or a helicopter tail going around full speed!
So – let’s pull up a couch, and a blanket, maybe some of those snacks I mentioned and we shall become snuggle buddy besties. Oh, I do snore and maybe make some gremlin noises – but it’s adorable and I hear it’s a sign of affection!