Porkchop was rescued from an abusive, neglectful situation.

Porkchop is undoubtedly the sweetest soul you will ever meet. He will sit in front of you with a gaze that pierces your soul with an unbelievable sense of joy that he is in a safe and nurturing space. For a doggo that went was in a terrible and abusive situation, he’s resiliency and kind heart are awe inspiring. 

Porkchop is an excellent couch surfer, cuddle bug, and the ultimate foot warmer. You can’t help but notice the widest smile that appears when he’s getting head scratches and affection.  He is an amazing foster brother and gets along amazingly with his pittie sister. You want to talk about cat friendly…this dude sleeps with his foster kitty siblings, in fact the “mean one” is so smitten with Porkchop, she has taken to sleeping near him at night. There is also a feral cat colony that has seemingly accepted him when we pass them on our neighborhood walks. Its as if they’ve known him for years. 

This medium energy big boy is pretty easy to love. He’s learning to just be a regular doggie minus all the awful thigs he suffered through. He is a powerful boy but is really easy on the leash. He loves basking in the sunshine but is also learning to appreciate central air. He does on occasion, whimper if he’s separated from his people, but after some reassurances and perhaps a treat, he’s learning to be independent when his foster fam leaves for work or evening events. His foster mama introduced him to a Serta bed, while he mostly prefers the floor, he is learning to appreciate some of the finer things in life. He is very food motivated and will follow you like he’s in boot camp should you have a treat in your hand. He has not been around young children while in foster, however on neighborhood walks he was been around a multitude of kids playing & riding bikes with no reaction to them. 

This big boy is the perfect remote work companion. He simply wants to be near you and feel the warmth of a family.