Potato Chip was found as a stray by a good Samaritan.

Are you in search of a personal heater that can double as a best friend? This is Potato Chip (aka Potato or Tato) and she is the girl for you. She is about 5 years old (but has the energy of a 2 year old!). She was a stray pup found on the streets but was definitely made to be an inside princess. She has come out of her shell so much since moving into her foster home. Potato Chip is a snack munching, snuggle loving, hyper-active dog that loves everyone. Potato Chip’s favorite pastime is playing with her canine foster brothers and bothering her feline foster sister. She needs time to warm up to other animals and is not a big fan of small dogs and cats. She has been around children of all ages and does not seem to care too much about any kids over the age of 10. She has done okay around babies but does like to jump and has not been around a lot of them. Potato Chip is a tiny girl but very strong and needs someone who is willing to give her plenty of exercise and love.

Car rides are a favorite for Tato, but she must be allowed to lay her head on the arm rest or on your shoulder. She knows many commands like sit, lie down, wait, kennel, and shake. She plays well with others as long as she has had the chance to get to know them. Some of her absolute favorite foods are peanut butter and cheese and she takes all of her medications with ease.

Potato is searching for someone who is patient and has enough energy to keep up with her, but also someone that will cuddle her and take naps.