Riley was left chained to the gated entrance of a shelter outside of Houston. She had clearly had puppies but was abandoned without her babies. Despite her rough start she is happy-go-lucky and has never met a stranger.

Riley is an adventurous and inquisitive loving girl. She loves cuddles, car rides, and cookies! She has not met a stranger yet as she is the friendliest and sweetest girl with her human counterparts. Do not be fooled though Riley is the queen of her castle and we are just living in it! She is best ruling her house alone with no other doggos to try and claim her throne.  She loves sleeping on the corner of the bed by your feet the most (spoiled much??) Even though Riley went through a lot prior to being rescued, she is STILL full of love and is ever so gentle and ready to give her affection to all with no hesitation. You’ll never meet a dog more resilient and willing to let you love on her and return it than Riley. She is such a smart girl, knows her way around many day-to-day things, and can even open a sliding door like no one’s business!  She listens to basic commands and goes straight into her kennel. She understands sometimes her human needs to go to work and is a very good girl she even enjoys calming music for doggies on YouTube. Riley deserves the bestest, most loving family that will care for and love her for the rest of her days.