Rufus was found as a stray by a good Samaritan.

Rufus is an older, medium sized fella (45/50 lbs.) who is very tolerant of other doggos.

If I, Rufus, were to ever dive headfirst into the world of love, my dream date would undoubtedly involve a scrumptious piece of cheese. You see, I’ve got this whole medical regimen going on, and I’ve cleverly discovered that the best way to down those pesky pills is by concealing them within a delectable cheese blanket. It’s like my version of a fancy, romantic dinner.

Now, folks often say I bear a striking resemblance to the famous “Deebo” from the “Friday” movie, mainly due to the way I lock eyes with you, making you think I might steal your lunch if you’re not careful. But don’t worry, I promise I’m all bark and no bite, especially when cheese is involved.

As for my pastimes, I do enjoy chasing after a ball now and then, but we have to be mindful not to overexert me. We wouldn’t want to run out of energy before cheese o’clock. My true calling in life, though, is lounging on my oh-so-comfy pillow, mastering the fine art of napping.

When it comes to handling canine politics and keeping the peace in our pack, my humans have got a plan. They rotate my time with the other male dogs, ensuring that I don’t get too carried away. While the others go out for meals and potty breaks, I get the royal treatment in my cozy crate, daydreaming about my next cheesy adventure. It’s all about maintaining harmony in the Rufus domain!