Shortnin’ was rescued from ACS.

Mama’s little baby loves Shortnin’ Shortnin’
Mamas little baby loves Shortnin’ bread!

You know that feeling when you take a bite of a chocolate chip cookie only to realize they weren’t chocolate chips but raisins? That’s sort of what it was liking bringing this endearing little gremlin home. Chocolate chips are great but raisins seem… healthy… right? and may be what you never knew you needed.

Shortnin’ aka Shorty takes a little time to warm up like a sourdough starter but with some patience, you get the perfect little loaf of bread. A 40lb loaf, 6 inches off the ground who carry’s her weight in her head. She’s an older gal (7? 8? 9? this is the South after all, don’t ask don’t tell honey) that likes to take things at her own pace: leisurely trots through the flowers and sunshiny sniffaris are her favorite rivaled only by snackies. She’s intrigued by other doggos and sneakily quiet 90% of the time. Every once in a while you get lucky enough to hear an excited squeal or attention seeking grunt.

Shortnin’ is very low maintenance and laid back. She lives for a good nap, will occasionally play with a toy and is usually interested in what you’re doing… especially if you’re in the kitchen. If you’re looking for a quaint little (slightly crusty) companion, this is the doggo for you!