Skipper was rescued from ACS.

Hi, my name is Skipper, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m a petite young gal (<50lbs) that’s a little over a year old. I love to fetch, play with my toys, and snuggle. If you have busy days, no worries; I can occupy myself with my toys, in or out of my crate for hours. If you leave the TV on, I will watch it. My faves are Pitbull and Parolees and Too Cute. I’m super smart, know all of the things and love, love, love toys, especially balls! Did I mention that I love balls?? I walk great on a leash too. I love other dogs and people. My kisses come with nibbles so I should hang out with older kids and adults. I have not been cat tested but I don’t pay attention to them or the peacocks on my walks. I seem to be very high energy when you first meet me, but you should know that I love to play fetch in the backyard (with balls!) so if you are not the most energetic person, I can get plenty of exercise from that. Then it’s snuggle and/or nap time for me. I do have a couple of allergies that I’ve been told about. One is grass. Everywhere it touches me gives me a slight rash and makes me very itchy. I just can’t stay away from it though. It’s so pouncy. Anyway… I can’t wait to meet you!