Smokey was found as a stray by a good Samaritan. My story is no different from many rescue doggos in Texas, I was found running around a rather nice neighborhood in town, confused, skinny, & hairless, they told me I was emaciated. I ran in and out of the street hoping someone would stop and help me and after I was just about ready to give up my foster family stopped their pick-up (a cowboy being saved by a pick-up truck…) and took this cowboy off the streets. They offered me pork rinds but all I wanted was some human affection, and I got just that.

Howdy my name is Smokey, and some might say I’m a doggo that wears many hats…literally! I love hats, don’t know why, but I believe a great hat can make a sunny day even sunnier. My favorite hat is my cowboy hat, I am a Texas dog after all. I’m an old boy who is young at heart, I like to fancy myself a bit of a cowboy, a Wyatt Earp type; loyal, lovable, & heroic. I enjoy the simple things as most cowboys do, sunbathing, my kong, feeling the wind beneath my ears on a nice long run, and my hat; after all what’s a cowboy without his hat? I am the best gentleman and give a good thank you handshake at breakfast and supper times. Like most cowboys I don’t need a big family or pack. I’m not mean to other dogs, in fact I like to run with my foster brother Jaxson, a collie/shepherd mix, but I’ve been through a lot and I just want to be an only child for a little bit.

I’m learning my obedience and already know sit, wait, and come; I try to play fetch and I always offer my kong to my foster human to throw, I just haven’t grasped the part of letting it go long enough for her to grab and throw it, or maybe she’s just really slow. The stronger I get the more energy I have so I would love an active family. I’m a lover not a biter and always take food gently and nicely. As far as kiddos go, I’ve never interacted with them but I see them all the time when I go for walkies. My foster mom has a big family (no kids just adults) and I’ve met them all with no drama. I also like to watch the neighbor dogs through my fence
during my breaks and I have never once growled, barked, or lunged at them, in fact me and a nice Pitbull senorita named Frida touched noses through the fence one Saturday afternoon and I didn’t hate it, I think I kinda liked it; what can I say once a cowboy always a cowboy. So whata you say partner are you willing to take a chance on Ol’Smokey, I promise it’ll be the ride of your life & mine.