Stella was found by a good Samaritan. She showed up on their doorstep shortly after the new year, on a night that was 27 degrees. She was thin and scratched up but didn’t let that stop her from showing love immediately. Stella was very timid when they first found her, but since then they have been working on building her confidence with the help of her foster brothers who are a Great Dane and Doberman.

Although Stella is feisty and can hold her own with her foster brothers, she is extremely loving. She loves nothing more than to be on you or next to you on the couch cuddling. She will move from wherever she is to be right next to you. She loves to play but is not a high energy dog. She is quite interested in the resident cats, but knows to leave them alone and steer clear of the pokey hands. She responds to commands well such as leave it, or sit. She is intelligent and can be trained with consistency. She is working on leash walkies and is such a good girl when her foster family leaves the house. Stella has been around small dogs and children and did just fine with them. Stella deserves to be blessed with a loving forever family that will take care of her no matter what. You will have a forever cuddle buddy who is willing to give you unconditional love.