Teddie was rescued from ACS.

Hello friends, my name is Teddie! I’m about 2 years old and a big lovable boy who enjoys rough housing with my foster brother as much as I love cuddling and snoring on the couch. My foster momma lovingly refers to me as the slobber king cause I can get a little drooly, but she says I’m a perfect 10/10 good boy! I would do best in a well structured home where at least one of my humans is home for most of the day. I do wonderful in my crate at night for bedtime, but I get a little bit of fomo when I’m in there during the day. One of my favorite activities is playing in the water hose, and occasionally trying to join my human in the shower or bathtub. I love other pups of all sizes, but am not a fan of kitties. I am a master of sitting on command, and am learning to be calm on my leash. Sometimes I do get too excited with new smells and like to hop toward them though.