Tulip was rescued from ACS.

Meet Tulip, the six-month-old sweetheart with a knack for stealing hearts. This leggy, goofy pup is as cute as a button and twice as clever. She’s a chew toy connoisseur, a fetch enthusiast, and a chew bone aficionado. Tulip’s all about learning the ropes of good behavior, mastering training and impulse control faster than you can say “sit”! With a gate like a cartoon character when she trots, she brings laughter wherever she goes. Living harmoniously with other dogs, she’s still trying to figure out what those “cat” things are good for.  She’s always up for a playdate with other pups for a good game of chase. Whether she’s strutting her stuff on a leash or riding shotgun in the car, Tulip’s zest for life is contagious, making every moment an adventure worth wagging about.

Likes: Treats, fluff extraction, a good bone, and a good cuddle with kisses on the side

Dislikes: Being left out, other fuzzies in her kennel space, and when she’s scolded for trying to chase the needle fluffs (cats)