Vanya’s Story:

Vanya was rescued from ACS where she landed after being found as a stray.

My name is Vanya! I’m as pretty as I am sweet! I’ve been with my foster mom for a little while now so I’m learning what it is to be in a home!  I’ve been spending my time here learning sit, stay, and other commands, but luckily I’m a fast learner!  I share my foster home with two dogs that I do really well with, however I don’t get along well with the resident cat. When you spend time with me you’ll realize that I I’m the subtle kind of silly. We’ll just be hanging out relaxing and the next thing you know rolling over to you doing a cute, but very goofy pose to get your attention. Walks are another place you can find my sillier side. When I’m really excited to be out, I’ll get the happy hops and bust out the spring on my feet as you walk beside me.  I’m a happy, hoppy girl who just wants someone to teach me what it’s like to be in a stable, loving home!