Willa was rescued from ACS.

Velcro dog definition: dogs that want to be as close to their owner as possible when they’re around.

Yep, that’s me. There’s nothing I quite like more than being with my humans. Of all sizes too, the little ones and the big ones..it doesn’t matter to me. Scratch that, if you put a beef hide treat in front of me, I will break away from human contact to consume such a delicacy. But otherwise, keep me close and I’ll be my happiest. Snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and the TV on? Don’t need to ask me twice. Take a walk around the neighborhood for some good sniffs? Don’t tempt me with a good time. Pets, snuggles, and snores? Count me in. If I’m being honest, I feel as though the couch only has room for one four legged friend in the home (me, obviously). But who needs anyone else when you’ve got me and I’ve got you, babe?
I’m still working on the whole crate thing, but only because I really don’t see any sort of need for a barrier between you and me. But again, there are few things I won’t do for a good beef hide or treat filled Kong if you catch my drift. I once lived a life on the streets so I know where to attend to my business when it’s time to go and will even let you know when I have some business appointments that require my attention.
Likes: humans, kids, any food you have (ANY food), play time, a good bone to chew on, car rides (window down please), beef hides,  snuggling, sitting next to you, being no more than 3 inches away from you at any time, licking your face, sleeping with you, looking at you, dreaming of you, watching you breathe.
Dislikes: you trying to have any personal space, being left unattended, other doggos in my home, cats, squirrels (I don’t necessarily dislike squirrels, but they’re constantly trying to run from me and I find that incredibly rude), when you leave the house without me.