Winifred’s Story:

Winifred was rescued from Bexar County Animal Facility with her 7 babies.

Amuck! Amuck! I smell, children; 7 to be precise!

Hi there, I’m Winifred aka Winnie! I could gaze at my foster parents with my gentle sweet eyes all day. Snuggle time is my favorite and I enjoy a good ear or chest rub. I was invited on the couch and discovered that I love it there! I’ve mastered the doggie door and love to stroll around the yard and sniff everything I can. I’m not a barker; if there is air, my foster brother barks at it and I just look at him like he’s crazy. He and I quickly became friends. We play and wrestle until I run out of steam. I’m a cheese connoisseur and am learning this whole leash thing. I’ve been told I’m a good girl and hope you think so too!

Winifred’s babies [born 10/7] will be available for adoption in January: Binx [adopted], Sally [adopted], Zero [adopted], Elvira [adopted], Carrie [adopted], Freddie [adopted], Jason [adopted].