Zeus was found as a stray by a Good Samaritan. 

Hello! My name is Zeus, and I’m excited to meet you! I love to play with chew and rope toys, preferably with other dogs if not my favorite human. Don’t let my high-energy fool you though; I’m excellent at laying on your chest when it’s time for quality TV.

When I’m not sunbathing with a bone, you can usually find me dozing on the couch. I love to play and explore the outdoors, and will bring a toy or two with me so that we can play fetch! Leave some old clothes and chew toys in my crate and I’ll be happy to nap there too. I’m very food-motivated, and have learned how to sit, wait, and go home when needed. Please think of me if you’re looking for a new friend to go on walks and have lots of playtime!