We Love Saving Lives Virtual Raffle

We LOVE saving lives which is why we're hosting a February fundraiser... so we can keep doing just that! From September of 2023 until we had to make the tough call to end Harley's suffering, we spent approximately five thousand dollars on her care trying to get her well. Millie was rushed to the ER on January 14th following a severe anaphylactic response. She was kept overnight on fluids until she was stable enough to be transferred to our regular veterinarian where it was determined mast cell tumors were the culprit. She underwent surgery on the 23rd and we recently received the amazing news that Millie has clean margins and the tumors were low grade. We really needed some pawsitivity but it came at a cost of over $3500 in total. We would love to recoup a majority of those funds this month so we can continue to save more doggos and not shy away from medical rehabilitation cases. Click the link for a chance to win great prizes!