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My name is Jolie! I am the co-founder of this awesome rescue and the Treasurer/Medical Coordinator. My love for animals goes back for as long as I can remember. When I was 5 years old I rescued my first cat, Muffin. When I was 7 years old I had rescued/caught so many species of animals, bugs, reptiles, birds etc. that I opened my own “zoo”. I charged $1.50 admission to enter my room and observe all my creatures. (My parents were exempt from the admission fee.) Once the snake got out of its cage, never to be found, the zoo was shut down.

That’s where it all started for me! Still to this day I cannot see an animal in need and walk away. Pit Bulls are so misunderstood and it breaks my heart to see the ever growing numbers that are put down each year. It is a duty of mine to help people understand the amazing characteristics of the Pitbull and break the negative stigma that surrounds them. The Pit Bull breed is not a mean animal unless humans (the meanest animal there is) turns them into such a thing against their will. Personally I have 4 rescued dogs and usually 1-3 fosters hanging out at my home. I also have 2 daughters and an amazing husband – who doesn’t always like the idea of having up to 7 dogs but stands behind the cause 100%. I enjoy traveling, arts & crafts, gardening and cheering my daughters on at their sporting events. I am a semester away from completing my Masters Degree which I’m sure will bring many exciting new adventures! I am extremely blessed to work with ACPBRR’s finest and not only consider them co-workers but also friends!


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Hi, my name is Isliana but friends and family call me Izzy! I’m a Mortgage Advisor by day and pride myself on my organizational skills. I have always been an avid animal lover and was fortunate enough to grow up on a ranch. I was the only three year old in my pre-K class that actually got a pony for their birthday! I have four fur babies of my own: Mace a grumpy chihuahua, Leia a “San Antonio Special,” Ahsoka a pit/lab mix, and Cade a pit bull (yes, they all have Star Wars names).
I became a member of ACPBRR unexpectedly when I found two emaciated pit bulls abandoned on the outskirts of the city. I took them in, got them spayed/neutered, and began caring for them as my own whilst unsuccessfully attempting to find suitable forever families. By chance I happened across this amazing rescue and have been fostering ever since. Eventually, as I became more active in the organization, the need for a consistent marketing rep presented itself and the rest is history!

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Hi, I’m Sarah, the foster coordinator for ACPBRR! I am originally from Houston, but I’ve lived in San Antonio for 11 years. I am a UTSA grad working for a marketing firm downtown San Antonio. My house is home to two humans and a Japanese Akita, a pit bull pulled off the streets, and a Jack Russell/Beagle mix. I have fostered, transported, and volunteered for Alamo City Pit Bull since seeing a plea in May 2015. I love seeing how these sweet pits change, grow, and experience love after being placed in loving foster homes. I am now director of the foster deparment!

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Hi, I’m Jess, the adoption coordinator for ACPBR! While serving in the Army I lived all sorts of places but now I call the Alamo City my forever home. My husband and I are ‘parents’ to four rescues; a lab mix, two pit bulls, and a cat. I first became aware of the significant issue pit bulls face when I adopted my sweet but complicated pittie pup, Nori, in 2016. Rescuing her is what really lit a fire under me to do more for these largely misunderstood dogs. In 2019 I began volunteering with the rescue and assisted with events, dog transports, photos, and any need that came up. It’s become so incredibly important to me to help reduce the stigma around pit bulls and educate the public on why these amazing doggos should be given a chance. Being able to help our ACPBR pit bulls find homes is what really makes me feel like I’m making a difference.       


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Hi, I’m Michelle, the ACPBR’s volunteer coordinator! I’ve always been an animal lover and started volunteering for a local shelter in my home state of Pennsylvania in 2006.  Like many shelters and rescues, a large portion of the dogs were pit bulls.  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with and adopt a 3 month old pit bull puppy (who we later named Cirrus) and I’ve been smitten and inspired by these dogs ever since! My husband, Cirrus, and I relocated to San Antonio in early 2019 for my career and we love it here!  While Cirrus is now waiting for us at the rainbow bridge, he taught me so much about resiliency, love, and happiness. My wish is to continue to share those teachings on behalf of him and all pit bulls with the community. 

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Hello!  I’m Taylor, I’m the event liaison for ACPBR.  I’ve volunteered with shelters on and off throughout my life starting at the age of 10 years old where I developed my love for pitties and all rescues alike. I started my journey with ACPBR when I began fostering with them before foster failing and stepping into the role I am in now.  My day job is working in sales in the construction industry while also going to school.  I have 4 fuzzy babies of my own, three dogs and a cat.  Among the chaos I call life, it brings me true joy knowing that the animals we help will find better days than before.  I’m truly passionate about giving pitties the exposure they deserve so that the community knows they’re not anything to fear, but to love as they do the people who give them the chance. 


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Hi, I’m Katie! I’m on the foster team here at Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue. I have been a lover of dogs since before I can remember. My husband and I rescued our pibble, Hank, in 2017 where we got some first hand experience of how Pit Bulls are misjudged and misunderstood. Since then, I’ve been working to change the perception of Pit Bulls one mind at a time! I joined a Pit Bull rescue in the DMV area where we lived at the time and became a foster volunteer. I loved every minute of it, and since moving to Texas was looking for a rescue organization to volunteer with and that’s how I became a part of the team here! Helping these pups fills my cup in a special way and I am thrilled to be a part of the team.