Andy’s Story:

Andy was found in a cemetery on Christmas eve night, bloody and bruised after he was hit by a car. Luckily he had no broken bones and was super happy to be found and in a warm home that night. He was brought home by a few good Samaritans and the rest is history!

Andy (aka “bones, hugs and harmony” because of the bone shaped patch on his chest! It’s like he’s a care bear :) is about a year old and weighs 30-35lbs (he’s pretty much full grown, he’s what we call a “petite pitty” ;) As Andy quickly rebounded from his injuries we realized nothing could keep him down, he got along great with the three other dogs that live in the house and even got along (although very curious) with the cranky cat that lives here too. Andy’s biggest love is people! Taking him for a walk takes longer because he wants to stop and say hi to EVERYONE! Andy is very food motivated which is a plus in training him, he picked up “sit” and “kennel” very quick. He now knows when it is time to eat he goes to his kennel and waits to be fed. He has mastered potty training and now sometimes even sits by the back door when he wants to go out. He does well on long walks with the leash, we did just started using a gentle leader to help with the slight puppy pull he has right now. He does a great job of cuddling on the sofa with you after a walk and does enjoy a good nap in his bean bag bed after an run around with his foster sister out in the back yard. Andy is still a pup and does have some pup antics. He loves shoes! He like to go to our bathroom and take out one shoe and bring it to his bed, he hasn’t chewed one up but he does like to collect them in his bed. He really likes anything that is on the ground, he will pick it up and bring it back to his bed so it keeps us here on our toes to keep a clean floor ;) He also gets excited when someone comes to the house so we are working on greeting manners,we keep telling him less is more in regards to jumping hellos.

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January 23, 2020