Soft Dog

Soft Dog’s Story:

Soft Dog was saved from death row with a severe wound requiring immediate attention. He has started to come out of his shell and has since healed and put on weight. This sweet boy is such a trooper! Soft Dog will do absolutely anything for a treat. We can’t wait for him to find his very own happy ending now that he has completed heart worm treatment.

Hi all,  my name is Soft Dog but you can call me Hot Dog. I enjoy chew toys, especially those filled with peanut butter. I enjoy them so much that if you were to go to work all day, I wouldn’t even notice you were gone (don’t worry, I would still miss you). I really like play fetch but, be warned, I don’t always bring the toy back; sometimes you have to chase me! I get along with other dogs but to be honest I would prefer to be the only pet. I do have a lot of experience with kiddos 12 and older – I just love them and wish I could lick them all day! I am a self-proclaimed exterminator. I will find all the bugs and hunt them down! I am terrified of thunder and love my crate (it’s my temple, you may pray to me there). If you adopt me, I will be glued to your hip; when you sit, I sit. I really just want to lay next to you and love you forever and ever!


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January 6, 2017