Annie Oakley

Annie’s Story:

Annie Oakley was rescued from a kill shelter in Comanche, TX a day after delivering a litter of puppies.

Annie is a brilliantly hilarious pup that will bring so much joy to her new family’s life! She LOVES to play, is an expert jumper and is pretty much up for any adventure. She can navigate a jungle gym, cross through streams, hike mountains or even just take a leisurely stroll in the park. She is a quick learner and enjoys doing tricks to please her people including sit, stay, shake and lay down. She takes a little time to warm up to strangers but once you’ve gained her trust you’ll have a loyal fur-end for life!

Annie’s Puppies (born 10/24/17): Doc Holliday (adopted), Geronimo (adopted), Apache (adopted), Billy the Kid (adopted), Comanche (adopted), Calamity Jane (adopted), Wichita (adopted), Sacajawea (adopted), Pearl Heart (adopted)


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November 5, 2017