Annie Oakley

Annie’s Story:

Annie Oakley was rescued from a kill shelter in Comanche, TX a day after delivering a litter of puppies.

Howdy Partner! I’m Annie Oakley, you may have heard about me. Those stories were from my wild days, I have since had a family and calmed down. I learned how to sleep in a crate, walk on a leash and to potty outside in the outhouse. I am still a youngster but those kids made me grow up quickly. I enjoy the company of other dogs and human kiddos. I sent my puppies packin’ and am looking for a place to rest my weary head. I’m an expert jumper and love to play!

Annie’s Puppies (born 10/24/17): Doc Holliday (adopted), Geronimo (adopted), Apache (adopted), Billy the Kid (adopted), Comanche (adopted), Calamity Jane (adopted), Wichita (adopted), Sacajawea (adopted), Pearl Heart (adopted)