Aspen’s Story:

Aspen was rescued from the streets by a good Samaritan. She was abused in her former life and still bears scars from her muzzle being taped shut. Fortunately she has known nothing but love since the day she was found.

Aspen is a very sweet dog; she’s incredibly gentle and loving. She likes cut up carrots and apples as a special treat and loves to cuddle. She’s a kisser and will lick until you tell her to stop. She is very good with her two canine foster brothers. They love each other and protect each other on their daily walks with foster dad. She loves socks and will bring a sock as to say look what I found but doesn’t chew them. She has never met a stranger and will run to them and give them kisses. She loves to swim and play fetch! She is potty trained, sits on command and will bring the ball back. She’s such a good girl when her foster parents leave that they haven’t put her in a crate. She doesn’t seem to like the crate so we’ve felt no need to crate train her.


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October 11, 2017