Beorn’s Story:

Beorn was taken in by a good Samaritan after his former owners decided they didn’t want him anymore and had plans to leave him at the shelter.

Hello! This is Beorn (pronounced bay-orn), a three year old brindle pitbull mix looking for a loving and adventure filled new home! He can sit and shake, loves to go for walks and hikes, and is working on his leash manners. He is super loving, affectionate and will follow you around the house to be included in everything! He enjoys snuggling, hanging out on the couch and absolutely loves to play! Beorn is high energy and enjoys walks, jogs, playing catch, tug-of-war, and rough housing with his doggy friends. He does not like being left alone and would be great for someone who is home often or has other dogs and cats to keep him company. He just wants to be everyone’s friend! He has been around a toddler for visits a couple times in his life and has gotten along fine, though he has never lived with children before. He does great in boarding kennels and social outings with other doggos. If you’ve got the love and the time to exercise this great pup he will make a wonderful addition to you family!  


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December 5, 2020