Big Boy

Big Boy’s Story:

Big Boy was found begging for leftovers at a restaurant parking lot, limping happily up to people as they headed to their cars. He was skinny, had a broken leg, and was covered in fleas and ticks. We picked him up and got him to the vet first thing the next morning. Thanks to the generosity of internet donors, he was able to get the surgery needed to save his leg. He’s currently recuperating in our home while his leg heals and we get him up to a healthy weight.

He’s the absolute sweetest boy, and gets along great with his five foster siblings, all female and all smaller than him (hence the name Big Boy). He’s playful with our Husky mix, gentle and loving to our 15yo min-pin (likes to lick her head), and he even patiently tolerates our littlest one’s Napoleon complex. He’s a big ol’ love bug, will give kisses for days and loves to rest his head in your hands. Even with his broken leg, he’s very energetic. He came back from surgery jumping and pawing at things with his splint, but he caught on pretty quickly that he needed to stop that.

Big Boy is a little under a year old, and is still a puppy in some ways. We’re still working on his training, but he’s eager to please and looooooves treats. He started off a snatcher, but learned to wait his turn for food and treats in just a few days. We think he’s new to the indoors, but he’s already developed a preference for cushions. He’ll make himself at home on the sofa, but is also happy to lay at your feet if there’s a bed down there to cozy up on. Big Boy is definitely a people dog and will follow his human everywhere. Once he’s all healed up, he’ll make a wonderful, loving companion to any family.