Bluebell’s Story:

Bluebell was dumped on the streets of San Antonio; a throw away mama repeatedly overbred. She is heavy heart worm positive and sadly diagnosed with advanced lymphoma. She is spending the rest of her days cozy and comfortable with her hospice foster family.

Bluebell is the absolute sweetest dog you will EVER meet. She literally wants nothing but to be loved and have a cozy spot to lounge around in. She enjoys sunbathing, hanging out with her canine foster brothers and being spoiled rotten by her humans.

Bluebell’s puppies (born 3/1/2020) will be available for adoption in June: Frenchie [adopted], Vanilla [adopted], Pecan, Praline, Crunch, Rocky [adopted], Roads, Dough Boy [adopted], Neapolitan [adopted], Dutch


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February 19, 2020