Bronx’s Story:

Bronx was rescued from SAPA after being pulled from ACS death row. He quickly became a staff favorite but didn’t have any foster interest. He was quickly running out of time when the right family finally stumbled across his story!

Bronx is a short, squatty, 55 lbs and full of affection! Bronx loves to be lazy and give as much love as he gets. He is very gentle with people and will let anyone come and pet him. He LOVES getting his belly rubbed and will give you tons of kisses to ask for more. He enjoys naps and likes to play with his bigger and smaller foster brothers. Bronx is good on a leash and knows how to sit on-command. He is very comfortable in a crate and will sometimes go inside just to relax.  Although he is only (approximately) 3-4 years old, Bronx has had it rough in his first few years prior to being rescued. He came to us with some battle wounds but they have now fully healed.  He also had to have a minor eye surgery, so that he could see more clearly, and he is looking great! He would make a great addition to any home as he just wants to be with his human companion and be loved.

Bronx before:


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November 30, 2018