Dahlia’s Story:

Dahlia was rescued from ACS death row with hours to spare. She is approximately 4 years old and most likely spent her entire life as a breeder. She is safe in foster now and will only know love from here on out!

My name is Dahlia and I am a playful girl. I love to play with toys and my favorites are the chew bones. My favorite thing to do is play in the water, and I am great at splashing water from the pool and playing in the hose. My foster brothers and sisters and I run in the yard and play chase all the time. After all my playing, I enjoy snuggling up with my foster mom or laying in the recliner.  My favorite position is to sleep on my back and I might even snore a little bit.  I am working on all my manners and listen really well when my foster mom talks to me. I was a little skinny when I first went with my foster mom but now I am getting bigger and stronger and weigh almost 60 lbs.


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July 25, 2018