Duchess’ Story:

Duchess was found as a stray.

Hello loyal subjects, I am Duchess Satine. As you can tell by my face I am wise beyond my years but don’t let my long face fool you; I am always happy! For the most part I’m a laid back pooch that gets the bouncies from time to time. I don’t mind hanging out with other dogs – it is the job of a Duchess to get along with all of her peers after all regardless of size or demeanor. I walk fabulously well on a leash and feel that silence is a virtue. I am a pacifist and find it’s only necessary to softly whine when I’ve tired of being in my kennel. I especially enjoy the smallest of humans but anyone that will scratch behind my ears is a friend indeed. I give chase when faced with smaller furry adversaries so please, no critters (including felines).


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June 6, 2020