Edwin’s Story:

Edwin’s mama (Eliza) was rescued from the streets very pregnant. Just a few days after getting comfy in foster (1/10/18) she gave birth to 10 pups but only 5 survived. Edwin is a fighter and ready to meet his fur-ever family!

I’m Edwin aka Little Low Rider aka LoLo. I believe I am a pretty cool, easy going guy. I tucker out a little more quickly than my sister Erin because I am a shorty, but that is ok, more lap time for me! My foster mom kids that I am a lover boy because I like to give sneaky kisses all the time when you least expect it. I like to think of myself as the kissing Ninja. Sitting quietly on the couch, out of nowhere there I am springing into action, your cheek, your ear I don’t care, always when you least expect it! Oh yeah, I can talk too. My sister is not very vocal, but my bugle howl that I use often always grabs the attention I am seeking. My doggy mommy is a pitty and my daddy is a Heinz 57 mix of many small dog breeds like Chihuahua and Pomeranian. If you looked at me and then at my DNA profile, you would not believe it! Everything about me screams pitty hound dog mix, but alas, I am not. So I am not a basset hound or a beagle, but I like to pretend I am when I make my bugle howl and go on my scent missions in the backyard. I have been tracking something for a while now, but have not caught it yet! I have big ole floppy ears and a long tail, so my disguise is complete!  I love Chihuahuas. Maybe it is because they are short like me! My foster siblings are Chihuahua mixes and when I see other small dogs I don’t know I always get super excited to see other shortys like me! Nothing scares me or intimidates me, I am not as dainty as my sister Erin. My foster mom says I am a total goober. Sometimes I have a delayed reaction to things because I have to take moment to process what is going on. It makes my foster mom laugh. Sometimes after I do react, I further process what is going on and remember something really important and change course again, this makes her laugh even more. I am currently an inside on the couch type of a guy, I tire quickly due to my short legs and do not like to go outside when it gets super-hot, I just want to do my business and come back in. I love snuggling and burrowing under blankets on the couch, especially if this is also on a human lap! I do LOVE outdoor activities with my people, brothers and sisters, but I hate to be left all alone outside. If I am in the sun too long, I will probably get a sun burn.  My favorite hobbies include wrestling with my sister Erin, chewing on Benebones and cuddling. I am not very treat motivated, I am still trying to figure out what motivates me.  Funny thing is, I cannot resist dog food that is left out, I will just keep eating it until it is gone. I will probably have to be on a measured and controlled diet to prevent me from over eating. I love the company of other doggies, so a future home with other doggies would be great. If I find a future home without other doggies, it would need to be a home where people are around a lot so I do not get lonely. (A solution to the only dog dilemma would be my sister Erin- I adore my sister) I do just great in a crate, but my foster mom only keeps me in a playpen when she leaves the house.  When she is home I run free inside and outside as I wish. I am almost house trained, the only time I have an accident is if my foster mom waits a little too long to let me outside. I haven’t figured out the best communication system to let her know when I need to go out, but I have started to sit by the back door and I think she is starting to figure it out. My sister and I have been practicing leash walking on a dual leash and have caught on real fast.