Eeva’s Story:

Eeva was pulled off the streets with a very badly damaged jaw thought the be the result of an attack by another dog. She was running out of time at Animal Care Services so, with the help of our amazing network, we raised enough funds to pay for her medical care and spring her from the shelter. She is currently in need of foster placement. If you can help, email:

All Eeva wants is a loving home and she will be happy. She is one of the most loving dogs we have ever met. Eeva is also super low-maintenance; she can play by herself with a Kong, she can play with somebody with a toy, or she can just cuddle with you all day long. Daily exercise, such as walking, is preferred along with a fenced-in backyard so she can run around and play. Eeva rarely sheds and isn’t particularly fond of bath time. She has separation anxiety and needs a family that is not gone for extended periods of time. It does take Eeva a little bit to warm up to other dogs, but as long as they are the submissive type, they will get along great!  She is wonderful with children, especially if the child has a ball he/she can throw.


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December 18, 2016