Erin’s Story:

Erin’s mama (Eliza) was rescued from the streets very pregnant. Just a few days after getting comfy in foster (1/10/18) she gave birth to 10 pups but only 5 survived. Erin is a fighter and ready to meet her fur-ever family!

Soulmate seeking soul mate. Are you looking for a soul mate type of dog? Well I am your girl! Or should I say my name is Princess Erin! I prance about like a princess and wiggle my freckle butt when I walk because I know I am cute. I have big ole bouncy ears and a super long tail, it’s kinda my look! Oh yeah, and I do not like to get my feet wet either!  My foster mommy says I have deep soul searching eyes, but I only have eyes for the ones I love the most.  I am currently a student in the school of human behavioral studies. I have mastered the doggy art of loving deep stares to get you to obey my wishes and melt your heart. I am always very alert and aware of what is going on around me. I am constantly trying to understand what is happening and how to get it to work out to my advantage. I love treats and I am very treat motivated, it does not take me long to figure out how to get a treat from you. My doggy mommy is a pitty, my daddy was a Heinz 57 of every small dog you could think of, including Whippet, Chihuahua, Pomeranian and Llasa Apso. When I do my zoom zooms in the backyard, my Whippet shows!  When I burrow under my blankets my Chihuahua is showing. My belief that I am the center of the universe is my Llasa Apso side. My curiosity and alertness is my Pomeranian side. Most importantly my magic eyes, good looks and personality are all pitty! I am loyal and devoted to those I love like a pitty, but I can be a little shy initially around strangers and new places.  I may linger between your feet until I regain my confidence. Once my shyness fades I become a true extrovert and will not be afraid to show everyone what a happy girl I am! I am currently an inside on the couch type of a girl, I am a diva remember? Although I do LOVE outdoor activities with my people, brothers and sisters, I hate to be left all alone outside. If I am in the sun too long, I will probably get a sun burn. My favorite hobbies include wrestling with my brother Edwin, chewing on Benebones and cuddling. When I come in from outside I like to dive into the space between my foster mom and the couch, then I wedge myself in for some cuddle time, all the while using my magic eyes to give some lovin back. One of my foster siblings is a Staffie. She is not my mommy, but still I am convinced she is. I follow her around all the time outside to see what she can teach me.  I love the company of other doggies, so a future home with other doggies would be great. If I find a future home without other doggies, it would need to be a home where people are around a lot so I do not get lonely. (A solution to the only dog dilemma would be my brother Edwin- I love my brother) I do just great in a crate, but my foster mom only keeps me in a playpen when she leaves the house.  When she is home I run free inside and outside as I wish. I am almost house trained, the only time I have an accident is if my foster mom waits a little too long to let me outside. I haven’t figured out the best communication system to let her know when I need to go out, but I have started to sit by the back door and I think she is starting to figure it out. My brother and I have been practicing leash walking on a dual leash and have caught on real fast.



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May 29, 2018