Finn’s Story:

Finn was found on a gravel road curled into a ball and waiting to die. Someone had thrown a pan dulce pastry at him that was found next to his curled up body. He was nearly catatonic when he was taken to the Veterinarian. Finn was severely dehydrated, malnourished with scars and bite punctures all over his body. His mouth and nose were covered with old and fresh bite marks so severe that he had broken nasal bones and several severe punctures into his sinus cavities. His face was swollen more than twice its normal size.  The vet staff did an amazing job with emergency care for this sweet, feral dog and he began to heal. At first, Finn was scared of everything and now he has blossomed in foster.

Finn is such an awesome dog that weighs about 45 lbs. Finn is fully integrated with the other 3 dogs in the foster’s home. The dogs sleep together curled on the dog bed and he loves laying curled up between the foster parent’s legs on the recliner.  Finn recently spent a week with our 7, 10 and 13 year old nieces and nephews and he did great!  Finn was a great pals with the 7 year old boy! Finn goes potty in the backyard on command and stands at the front door when it is opened and knows not to step outside. Finn is super excited to go for walks and he knows when the leash comes out, there is going to be a fun time ahead!  He rides great in a car and lays calmly in the backseat snoozing most of the time.  He really loves his kennel and sleeps in his kennel with his cozy bed all night in the foster’s bedroom.  We bathe him every 2 weeks  and he has stayed several overnights at a local vet kennel  and he did great. Finn finally decided the Roomba vacuum was not a threat and leaves the Roomba alone as it vacuum around him now. He is a little “mini- me” shadow at home, always wanting to be near the fosters.  Finn is very eager to please, very loving and food driven.  He does well with dogs, and would do well as an only dog too because he is so eager to please.



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May 9, 2018