Gypsy’s Story:

A wandering girl with a gypsy’s soul; Gypsy was dumped and found wandering the streets with a bullet wound to the leg.

Gypsy is about a year old, 50 lbs, and loves to run and play with her other dog friends. She is very dog friendly with small and large dogs. She loves to play tug of war with her dog friends and sometimes gets the zoomies and runs around the yard with them. She loves any kind of chew toy you will give her and will entertain herself with them for hours. She is cat tolerant, although she tends to follow the cats around too closely. She’s great with kids. Gypsy loves to cuddle and can be a couch potato especially when you put a movie on. She loves belly rubs and giving sloppy kisses. Overall she is medium energy level…very playful but not too hyper. She loves car rides and will chill out in the back of the car and sometimes even take a nap on long car rides.


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October 14, 2018