Jade’s Story:

Jade was adopted from ACPBR years ago and returned. Her owners living situation changed and it was not conducive to Jade’s needs. This one-eyed beauty is now once again on the hunt for the perfect family for her.

Howdy everyone!  I’m Jade – thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit about me.  

On my favorite things:  I’m a simple girl.  I adore getting scratches under my collar.  Scratch the right spot and watch my back legs try to buckle.  Walking on nature trails, sniffing all the interesting smells and meandering in shallow streams are also some of my favorite things to do.  Feeling lazy?  No problem.  I’m also a competitive napper. I can sleep through a rom-com, Monday night football or the national news … you name it.  You won’t hear a peep out of me (except for the occasional dream-induced barking and horizontal running!).

On my superpowers:  I should warn you I do have a built-in weapon.  No, it’s not my adorable face that commands getting any treats I want.  It’s my tail.  When I’m happy (which is almost all the time), my tail swings feverishly from side to side.  If there’s a coveted glass of wine, a treasured family heirloom, or an unsuspecting leg nearby, watch out because it might get whapped.  

From past relationships that didn’t work out, to losing my right eye in an accident to needing ACL surgery, life has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me.  Still, I’m the happiest girl ever.  I’m also a rockstar during thunderstorms!  I can sleep the time away nestled on my favorite pink blanket.  I’m not about to burn a single calorie shivering out of fear!  I’ll even brave droplets of water descending from the heavens to go potty.    The only thing that scares me is never finding a family of my very own.

On mealtime:  What can I say, I’m a big fan of food!  I will “awoooo” when I get a rumbling in my tummy.  I don’t beg for people food but if you’re willing to toss a morsel of meat my way, I will happily show my appreciation by gobbling it down.  After dinner, the thing I love to do is rub my face into my blanket.  I make all kinds of weird snorty noises.  Not to worry, it’s just what pure happiness sounds like.  

On bedtime:  When it’s time for bed, I retire to my crate for the night.  By the time morning rolls around, I’m so comfy that I refuse to “rise and shine”.   Eventually my bladder beckons and I’m left with no choice but to rise from my sleepy slumber to meet the day head on and see what great thing awaits me.  Paws crossed, that great thing will be YOU.



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December 7, 2018