Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde’s Story:

Kitty was rescued with her mom and siblings from ACS death row at just 4 weeks.

Kitty Pryde aka Miss Kitty is 2 years old and between 43 and 45 lbs. She is a very smart fur baby. She loves to sunbathe when the weather is good and she loves to play with the squirrels in the backyard. She will play fetch when she’s in the mood. She understands the commands of sit, stay, down, lay down, no jumping, crate, and shake. She still needs work on the command “leave it” and “walk”.  She would do well with other dogs of a similar size. She is cat friendly, but sometimes she can be a little too friendly for some cats. She is doggy door trained and we are working on additional potty training. Miss Kitty is a very affectionate dog. She will do well with a young family that has kids that can play with her or with doggie parents who will be active with her.



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August 13, 2018