Meadow’s Story:

Meadow was rescued from an overcrowded kill shelter outside of San Antonio. We can’t wait to see her flourish in foster!

My name is Meadow, according to my foster humans, but I prefer “pretty girl” since that’s what everyone calls me. I guess I’m good looking, but that doesn’t really matter to me, all I want to do is follow my humans around and get pet. I’ll do almost anything to get pet, I’ll come when called, sit or lay down when asked. I can even introduce myself with a shake… if it results in a head scratch or a treat! I absolutely love to play with my foster brother, although sometimes the humans make us go outside to play, something about two ping pong balls in the house. When we’re not playing, I’ll find a bed and relax, this dog life is tough I’ll tell ya! I’m not sure why I’m in foster care since everyone tells me I’m a real treat to have around… did someone say “treat”!? Sorry, I squirreled for a moment, but I do try to do my best at being a good dog, I only chew my bones, especially when filled with peanut butter and I know that outside is where I’m supposed to do my business. I’m not sure what else I can do to improve, but if you can figure out how to communicate what you want, I’ll learn it almost as fast as my “zoomies” when I’m excited! If you’d like to apply to have me as your happy shadow fur-ever, please fill out an adoption application


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June 29, 2018