Mia’s Story:

Mia was found on the street and at just under a year old, it was discovered she had been sprayed by a skunk, hit by a car, and severely attacked by other dogs.. Fortunately with lots of TLC, she is a happy, healthy, and playful puppy.

Mia is the name and giving kisses is my game. Got a shadow? Need another one? I’m not on Twitter but I’ll still follow you. Couch for one? Let’s make it two! Like long walks? Hey me too! Wanna take a drive into the sunset? I call shotgun! Got a home? Make it ours. My foster parents say I’m pretty young which is probably why I like to play so much. I unfortunately had a ruff start in life and was living on the streets. I’m happy my foster dad found me because I was pretty sick. I couldn’t tell my foster parents what happened to me but luckily this really nice man at the vets was able to tell them for me. I had been hit by car, sprayed by a skunk, and severely attacked by other dogs. Fortunately, I was given lots of TLC and now I’m a super happy, healthy, and playful puppy. I prefer to spend my days with humans as they mean the world to me. I’m a professional cuddler and hold the record for the most kisses given within a 1 minute period. I know that I have to go outside to use the bathroom and the house is off limits. My crate is pretty cozy with lots of blankets and my favorite toy so I don’t ever mind going in there and I always wait patiently to be let out. I’m in search of  a human who will  love me and give me lots of attention and in return I’ll love you furever! Will you be my human?

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October 28, 2017