Motor’s Story:

Motor was rescued from ACS death row after one of our veteran fosters stepped up to save his life. We can’t wait to see him flourish!

The time of when I was knee-high to a grasshopper is a bit of a mystery. I was found roamin’ the highway with a partially embedded harness in early 2018. I reckon it was my ramblin’ nature that lead me to bein’ caught. Although I’m typically the definition of a “mellow guy,” I’ll still get a case of the happy hops now and again. I enjoy piddlin’ around the cool garage while someone’s fixin’ somethin’. I don’t care much for learnin’ new tricks, just content to sit in my yard and shoot he breeze with the birds. I’ve been known to snore on occasion but my Southern charm makes up for it. If you’re lookin’ for a friend to take life at a leisurely pace with, I’m the hound for you!

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April 17, 2018