Bodhi’s Story:

Bodhi was picked up by a stray and was at risk for euthanasia after no one claimed him. On the particular day we rescued Bodhi, all of the dogs on the 5pm kill list were tagged for rescue except for him. We couldn’t let this sweet boy die in the shelter! He was adopted then returned when his owners had to move unexpectedly. Bodhi deserves a second chance at happiness!

Bodhi is about two years old. He is very healthy, active, and loves car rides. He tends to be a bed hog and has tons of love to give. Bodhi loves the company of other dogs and enjoys sprinting through the yard. He is very easy to please and likes people of all ages. Please consider making this handsome fella part of your fur-ever family. He loves to be next to someone a lot, cuddling, and getting belly rubs. His cutest trick is to give perfect “puppy dog eyes” so you can’t stay mad for long. He loves loves chew toys! He loves being outdoors. We took him to the lake where he decided to lie down and chill in the shallows. He’s great on car rides, he’s working on sit and being patient. He just has a lot of bouncy, happy puppy in him. He has loved chasing his brother in the yard and when brother doesn’t want to play, he’ll just run in fast circles until he gets tired. At the end of the day, he is always ready to cuddle up to his human to go to sleep.


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January 11, 2017