Noel’s Story:

Noel was rescued from abusive/neglectful owners with a litter of 6 puppies. She had a long road to recovery after being malnourished and shot by a BB gun multiple times. We have loved seeing her flourish in foster!

Hello there! My name is Noel. Just like the holiday season gives us all warm fuzzies and feelings of joy, love, and togetherness- that’s exactly how I will feel about you! I love to be right there with you in everything you do, whether it be a big adventure or a simple trip to the kitchen. I may have been found wandering the streets, emaciated, scavenging for scraps for my puppies- but don’t let my one-eyed wink or scarred face scare you, I’m an absolute love bug that just happened to have a rough start!  I love to go on walks and play with toys (with or without my foster sisters), but I also love my down time- just ask me and I will snuggle up close with you. So far, I have learned to not chase the chickens through the coop, I’m not sure how I feel about cats (they’re kind of scary, but fun to look at), and I know how to sit but am working on how to lay down (silly humans, asking me to do all sorts of weird stuff!). I’m not very good at playing with tiny dogs- you see, I think I only weigh about 20 lbs like my foster sister does and not the 42 that I actually do! I tend to accidentally squish the little dogs, but I promise I don’t mean them any harm- I’m a gentle giant! Living in your home with you to love me would be my own “Christmas miracle” and I promise to keep the love of the season going all year long!

pre eye removal:

Noel’s Puppies (estimated DOB: 11/17/2017): Merry, Jingle, Carol (adopted), Kris Kringle, Fir, Nikolas (adopted)


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December 22, 2017