Olaf’s Story:

Olaf was left behind, chained in front of an abandoned house with no shelter and freezing temperatures looming. One of our volunteers went to check on him and spent some time gaining his trust while her husband went to get bolt cutters. A police officer arrived and despite her warnings that the dog was visibly fearful, he did not proceed with caution and received a warning bite. We did not want to give up on Olaf so as soon as his quarantine was over we went to ACS to temperament test him. He passed with flying colors and is the happiest boy! We can’t wait for him to flourish in foster.

Hi everyone, this is OLAF and he loves warm hugs!!  He is innocent, outgoing and loves all things summer! Olaf is a stout and handsome dog with floppy ears. He has heart-stopping good looks and loves attention! He can “sit” and patiently waits for his treats.  He gets right up in your business, wants to sit on your lap and give slobbery kisses. Olaf likes to go on walks and is even up to an occasional jog, so he would love a running partner! He is patient, kind and eager to please.  He is great with other dogs, children and cats (with supervision). Olaf has been given a 2nd chance at life, so if you can open your heart to this smooshable face and make room on your couch, he needs a new home and a furever family!



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November 26, 2019